Patent and Know-How Licensing

Patent and know-how licensing can be effectively employed for you to generate revenue or for gaining protected rights to new technologies. GTPP attorneys are well experienced in this legally and technologically specialized field, having negotiated and prepared license agreements associated with a wide array of technologies.

Technology Teaming and Development Agreements

Development and exploitation of technology may be best achieved by the joint efforts of multiple companies. GTPP has negotiated and prepared agreements for maximally leveraging the skills of multiple companies in such arrangements. GTTP will protect your proprietary interest while negotiating and preparing technology teaming and development agreements for you.

Employer/Employee IP Agreements

Protect your intellectual property. Ownership of technological developments created by an employee is an often-overlooked issue in the employee hiring process. Likewise, in businesses where independent contractors are used, the issue of technology ownership frequently is not discussed but should be addressed as early in the relationship as possible. GTPP attorneys are well experienced with employee ownership issues and agreements, including the common law relating to ownership in the absence of an employee agreement.