Post-Grant and Litigation


GTPP has the courtroom experience and legal expertise to represent you. GTPP attorneys are well experienced in intellectual property litigation matters, having litigated a variety of plaintiff and defendant cases to a successful result, and representing clients at the appellate level. GTPP’s attorneys also have served as local counsel in numerous cases before the Federal District Court for the District of New Hampshire.

The Intellectual Property Trial Practice Team


Innovation, not size, matters. The Team’s fundamental innovation allows you to obtain the benefits of a very large firm, such as diversity and depth of knowledge and experience, while enjoying the benefits of small organizations, such as creativity, motivation and flexibility. It’s about getting the right lawyer only when you need him or her, without the expense of overhead to cover the cost of unused staff on a shelf waiting to be employed. The Team is smaller, smarter, and faster rather than bigger, slower and costlier. Innovation works for you to obtain the right result at the right price.

We’ve also learned from our business clients that a successful legal undertaking requires planning; budgets and input from multiple sources. We have the experience to manage claims consultants, expert witnesses, and our team resources so that the legal work gets done the right way, by the right people, within budget.

We efficiently research and organize large document databases so that information can be retrieved quickly and with a minimum of expense. If a matter needs to go into arbitration or litigation, we explain complex factual issues through the use of intelligent, creative, and compelling demonstrative exhibits. We keep you informed about you case and encourage you to take an active role in planning, to ensure your satisfaction with the result.

Just because someone is smart doesn’t mean they know what they are doing. Applied expertise when needed is not only smart; it is an efficient way to achieve results. Finding ways to combine a team of accomplished professionals to apply their knowledge and experience exactly where needed involves innovation that serves your legal and business needs.

Attorneys in GTPP’s IP Trial Practice Team have the industrial, academic and practical experience and expertise to represent you on complex patent litigation matters such as those involving automotive systems, business methods, chemical technology, clean tech/environmental technologies, electrical and optical communication systems, computing systems, consumer products, integrated and discrete electronic systems, manufacturing processes, material science, mechanical technologies, medical devices, nanotechnology, networks, optics/opto-electronics, plastics/polymers, semiconductors, and even including design and engineering in clothing and construction.

The Team includes patent lawyers with degrees and industry experience in electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, biochemistry, computer science and other disciplines, as well as experience in litigating patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret and restrictive covenant matters across the country and for clients in the computer, life science, publishing, jewelry manufacturing, government contracting and food service industries. This specific and diverse range of practice allows us to provide you with effective dispute resolution and counseling services as well as effective trial advocacy and litigation services when necessary.