US Patent Protection

GTPP works closely with technology-based clients to secure and maintain a balanced and appropriate domestic patent portfolio. Our attorneys are technology-based, ensuring a more thorough understanding of new ideas and inventions while simultaneously evaluating business goals and counseling on the legal limits of protection available in a relevant competitive field. Our technology focus includes electronic circuitry and systems, semiconductor materials, optical and electro-optical designs, computer and microprocessor controlled devices, chemical operations, analytical and preparative chromatography, polymer chemistry, plastic materials, including design, processing and manufacture of molded and extruded materials, fiber and textile materials, medical based materials and products, and mechanical devices.

Foreign Patent Protection

GTPP works closely with numerous intellectual property firms globally to assist in providing our clients the maximum technology protection in a worldwide market. GTPP critically evaluates and proposes a foreign filing strategy commensurate with foreign competition, budgetary concerns and foreign sales and manufacturing expectations. GTPP makes widespread use of the International Patent Cooperation Treaty, which provides clients with the opportunity to postpone and reduce some of the relatively large costs associated with a foreign filing portfolio. Through its network of foreign associates, GTPP can arrange for and will actively prosecute patent applications worldwide, including applications before the European Patent Office (EPO), Canadian Patent Office, Japanese Patent Office, as well as other countries throughout Asia, Central America and South America.