trademarksU.S. Trademark Protection

GTPP will help you in all aspects of trademark law in the United States including assisting in selecting, protecting, maintaining and enforcing trademark rights. The practice includes conducting searches and providing opinions and advice regarding the availability of proposed trademarks, the development of trademark portfolios, filing and prosecuting applications for registration of trademarks, trademark licensing, as well as enforcing and defending trademark rights in administrative and court proceedings in nearly all countries.

Foreign Trademark Protection

GTTP will assist you in all aspects of international trademark law. GTPP has the knowledge and experience to help you in protecting your trademarks in countries where your business is conducted, product is manufactured or where product marketing is underway or anticipated. There are nearly 200 jurisdictions throughout the world that provide for protection of trademark rights. Although most countries maintain independent bodies of law and rules of practice, the European Community trademark is available for obtaining protection in the twenty-seven European Union member countries by way of one filing, and one filing under the Madrid System can be used to achieve registrations in up to seventy-seven countries.

Trademark Clearance Opinions

GTPP attorneys have years of experience in conducting and reviewing trademark screening and clearance searches and in providing succinct opinions and recommendations regarding the availability of a client’s proposed trademark in the U.S. and in foreign countries.

Trademark Infringement Opinions

If you receive a cease and desist letter or learn of a third party use of a trademark that appears to conflict with the your trademark, GTPP will provide an opinion as to the merits of the parties’ positions and recommendations for action.

Trademark Licensing and Agreements

Expand and share your trademark with others. Trademark licensing can be effectively employed for revenue generation or for gaining protected rights in additional industries or geographic areas. GTPP attorneys are well experienced in this specialized field, having negotiated and prepared license agreements associated with a wide array of industries. We also have experience in negotiating and concluding settlement of disputes involving trademark conflict matters.