Strategic Counseling

strategic counseling

Product Clearance Opinions

GTPP attorneys are consistently active in clearing new product developments for market introduction. The goal of patent clearance is to avoid infringement of the patent rights of others, thereby avoiding financial exposure to a client. GTPP attorneys become involved in this effort at initial product development stages, and work closely with a client’s technical personnel in ensuring that financial investment in a new product or product line is not jeopardized by a competitor’s patent portfolio claim.

Patent Design-Around Opinions

Frequently, competitive patents will present a minefield around strategically important product developments. Industry and technical experience allow GTPP attorneys to work closely with a client’s technical personnel in identifying and navigating these minefields to reach safe ground with a new product.

Patent Infringement and Validity Opinions

GTPP attorneys have prepared countless patent infringement and validity opinions, as both plaintiff’s and defendant’s counsel. From a plaintiff’s perspective, infringement and validity opinions can be critical in assessing the merits of litigation and can lead to important strategic decisions. Reliable advice on these issues is also critical to an infringement defendant. Given the availability of sizable damage awards and injunctive relief, an infringement defendant must have a clear understanding of the exposure presented by an infringement suit. GTPP attorneys have extensive experience with infringement and validity issues in a wide array of technologies.

Strategic Patent Analysis

Analysis of patents issued with respect to a particular technology can be effectively used to identify competitor market strategies and new product opportunities. GTPP is experienced in the process of mining patent information and presenting the information in a format useful for informed corporate growth.

Internet Matters

Protect your intellection property online. GTPP has a history of success in protecting client domains from cybersquatting and other threats including through domain dispute actions under the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy. GTPP’s attorneys also closely counsel and assist clients on the management and development of their domain portfolios.

GTPP has represented clients in matters concerning website content, including online copyright infringement, DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) compliance and takedown notices, online trademark infringement and key-wording, and First Amendment issues. In addition, we frequently provide counsel to clients who maintain or are developing websites as they relate to intellectual property issues.


In addition, GTPP attorneys are well versed in pre-litigation strategy, including settlement negotiations and expert opinions on matters such as infringement and validity.

GTPP attorneys also frequently conduct product clearance and freedom to operate studies, and develop design around strategies.